Monday, August 16, 2010

Pics from Germany

A fellow faculty member and friend of Tim's visited our apartment in Germany last week and took pictures for us. This is where we will be staying this fall and we really appreciate him giving us the chance to see it before we leave. We think they will add a bed to the living area for Tim and me and swap out the crib for a bed for Katey. It is much more of a two floor arrangement than we'd understood so the kids will be able to sleep in the room upstairs while we are in the room downstairs. Best we can tell there is a half bath, living room/bedroom for us, full bathroom, kitchen, and kids bedroom/loft.

We are now on skype for video calling back to the US. So far that is the only phone setup we have going that we know will work. We'll email privately addresses and phone numbers so contact us if you'd like that info once we arrive.

Stairs up to the apartment


washing machine

bedroom upstairs/loft

bedroom upstairs/loft - another angle

living room

fridge, yep, we'll shop everyday.


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Pam Jones said...

Looks great! Way more room than our RV!! The stairs, however, look wicked!