Friday, February 5, 2010

Life comes to a screeching halt

Today was a crazy day. Tim and I were on the phone dealing with some pre-travel issues for Germany. We were stressed. Katey has been snotty since Tuesday, but there was an afternoon and evening with things planned so life had to "get done" despite life's issues, until it happened. I loaded up the kids for piano, dropped off the snotty one at Mom and Dad's and arrived astonishingly on time for their lessons. Carter told me in the car he was not feeling well, but I didn't really believe him. He steps out of the van in the street in front of our instructor's home and he is crying. I begin to think maybe he really is not feeling well. As if he realizes he needs to prove it to me he promptly vomits in the road, three times. Wonder what will bring life to a halt? Puke. Our piano instructor who is expecting a baby and the mother of a toddler of course passed on giving us a lesson today. A friend whose daughter I was keeping for the evening had to make other arrangements at the last minute. We were planning to have dinner at Mom and Dad's, Mom sent it home with me. We couldn't expose anyone else to him. Tim met me and took him home, I made the run to Walmart for Sprite and Saltines and we all settled in for an unplanned night at home wondering if anyone else would follow suit. He spent the evening playing Wii and being perfectly well. Who knows. I am just glad I don't feel nauseous. We'll see what tomorrow brings. All I know is that if we have to have an unplanned halt to life's crazy routine, I prefer snow.

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