Sunday, February 28, 2010

Catching Up

Add ImageIts been a busy couple of weeks. There were three big milestones here. Carter finished Kindergarten and began 1st grade--a whole new school schedule for our days. Katey turned four years old!! Laurel and Matthew completed book 1 of the Suzuki Piano Lessons. Of course we had a party for all three. Here are the pics:

A book 1 piano recital at our home and cake, of course:

Carter and Mom after Carter finished his last day of Kindergarten

Katey's 4th Birthday: Everyone loved to see Katey excited for her birthday. This year it was a "book" cake. Katey loves books. Her "book" read:
Once upon a time there was a princess named Katey. She loved books, dolls, coloring, and playing on the computer. She was a happy little girl who was loved by her brothers and sister. One day her all her family came to celebrate with her. Katey was turning four! She had a wonderful birthday and enjoyed all the fun. Then she lived happily ever after as all princesses do.

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