Saturday, March 21, 2009

Yard Work

Today we worked cleaning up storm debris in the yard as well as trying to do some clearing work on our property. We have a corner in the back of our lot that we want to clear out and perhaps use as garden space. Right now it is fully of prickly vines and small trees- overgrown and wild. We cleared a small area and began burning small limbs from the storm while continuing to cut away more vines and thorny bushes and adding them to the fire as well. We worked for almost three hours, the only real evidence of our efforts- a smoldering fire and many scrapes on Tim's arms. It is such a big job that the small amount we cleared today is noticeable only to us. We know there is a better way, unfortunately it involves heavy equipment and costs money. Right now we are going with the blood, sweat, and free approach. We'll see if we can stick it out.

The funny event of the day was when Carter stepped out on the back deck and saw the fire and said "Fire! I love camping!" He was deeply disappointed when he found out what we were actually doing, but recovered and worked hard helping us pick up the branches from the backyard.

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sannyclaus said...

I hate I missed the fire but am glad I wasn't there for the scratches and blood. Tell Carter we will have more fires when Papa moves there.