Saturday, March 7, 2009

Happy Day

We are not McDonald's fans. There is a list of reasons that I won't go into here. The point is that a happy meal for our kids is a rarity. Usually we are on vacation or someone else decides to treat them. On Thursday night Tim was out of town so I planned to eat out with the kids to make life easier. The kids found out on Wednesday that the current happy meal toys were pretty cool. They begged to go. I had a weak moment when they pleaded their case and said they would use their own money. You see they are saving up for something big. Every penny is precious to them right now. Clearly they really wanted to go. I called Tim, and he agreed to let them visit the golden arches after piano lessons. They bought their happy meals, came home and played on the computer with the new happy meal virtual world, and went to bed happy. I was torn. Part of me was happy that it was such a treat to them, but part of me was sad that the marketing clearly got their attention and so strongly that they parted with some of their precious savings. Clearly this confirms one of our reasons not to patronize the place. Regardless of my misgivings, such a good time was had that this was the sight I found when checking on the boys before I headed off to bed:

Yes, he slept with the box.

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