Thursday, February 19, 2009

Whipped Topping and Wood Floors

So prior to my being back online my two youngest children created a mess that was definitely "blog material" as we say- if we had been up and running. During school Carter and Katey took the whipped topping out of the fridge and used it as finger paint all over our leather chair, wall, piano, and curtains. I was thrilled beyond words. To be more specific, I was unable to form words at the moment I discovered them. Let's just say my face spoke volumes to them and they fled to the drawer where I keep the rags to clean up. We got it all up and put the curtains in the wash. I was very happy to tell Tim later that apparently whipped topping does not damage leather. Today I moved the chair to rehang the curtains before my parents arrived to visit. It seems that the whipped topping treatment has made the wood floor in that corner of the front room extremely slick. I could barely stand. I cleaned it again...still like glass. Maybe it just has to wear off??? Who knew whipped topping had such capabilities. Who really knows what is in that stuff?? All I know is that if you put it on something edible it dramatically increases the chance that our "picky" kid will consume it. Fair warning friends- watch your step in our front room!!

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