Wednesday, February 25, 2009

What I would take in my wagon

We are studying the settlement of the Western territories during the mid 1800s in school. We have also been asked to talk to the college group at church about money. Those two things combined have left me thinking about how much junk and excess we have around here (not to mention the electric bill we received- even with a week with no power it was high). We really could live with so much less. In a way I envy the pioneers and the simplicity of life living on the land. Grow your food, rely on your neighbors, and put your faith in God- all these things seemed to be more tangible then. Now don't think I am saying that I would want to live back then, I like my modern medical treatments, food in the fridge, and indoor plumbing, but I envy the lack of distraction from the important things, the slower, simpler pace. So, what would you put in a wagon 5 ft X 8 ft? When you really think about it there is very little we have to have beyond those we love and the basic tools for survival. Below is our list. No worries, we don't plan on venturing out and going west anytime soon, but we may do some traveling so its nice to know the kids are prepared to pack light.

Our modern day wagon: There are the necessary things and then just those things we know others could do without, but we would go nuts without: Cooking supplies and equipment, food, water, blankets, clothing, a hammer, matches, toilet paper, medicines/first aid kit, a bible, a laptop (yes, our wagon is wired), cell phone, lantern, shampoo, soap, good shoes, and sunscreen. Tim adds a flashlight (and food for the horses if we are going old school). Laurel added her blanket and Matthew would take his Legos. Throw in Carter's blanket and Katey's My Little Ponies and everyone says they would be happy. I am sure there are things we have forgotten, but the point was made.

So what's in your wagon? Send us an email or comment here. The kids have had a lot of fun with this one.

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