Saturday, February 14, 2009

What I received for Valentines Day

Yes, I admit it. I am guilty of asking Tim to pull over in someone else's driveway and asking the Mediacomm repairman to come to my home. I couldn't resist, he was less than a mile away. I am sure it violates some sort of etiquette. However, I am back in the wired world and he didn't seem too offended by my asking. I think my desperation was evident. When Tim asked what I wanted for Valentine's Day and I replied "the internet and a phone" he laughed and asked what else. Turns out he is now able to take credit for getting me exactly what I asked for (he stopped even though he thought I was crazy), and flowers as a bonus. Here's a link to some pictures I uploaded to Picasa (finally) of the storm that left us one week without power and 2 weeks, 5 days without the internet or phones (not that I was counting or anything):

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