Tuesday, October 21, 2008

So I am finally posting something

Sorry folks, life is hectic.

Camping was fun this weekend. Carter learned to ride without training wheels. Katey had only one accident all weekend. The weather was beautiful. I think I could be one of those retired people who work and live in the campground. It was great to see the kids spend hours gleefully playing in a gully near our campsite. No TV, no phones, no crazy weekend racing around town from one thing to another. We did all the typical camping things and only got really cold one night. It was a good weekend. We worshiped at the campsite around our fire because it was chilly on Sunday morning and we didn't want the kids to be uncomfortable at the campground service. The kids thought it was really cool that you could have "church" while drinking hot chocolate and sitting by a fire.

We came home for a going away party for our friends, the Crabb family. I have mentioned this before- can you tell I am dreading their leaving? I am thrilled for them and God is truly blessing their new situation, but selfishly I really don't want to see them go. The kids played together today and really enjoyed their last time together. It was sad when Laurel prayed tonight that she would see them again. Someday, I promise.

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Anonymous said...

Jennifer and Laurel,
I am feeling it for you! You guys will be in our prayers today. Goodbyes stink!