Saturday, October 4, 2008

He kicks the ball!!!

Two major milestones in our house today. First, Laurel and Matthew learned to play "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star" on the piano. Their first song- a big accomplishment for lesson 3. They held a concert tonight for Papa and Nana. Second, Carter played soccer and today he really played. He actually made contact between his foot and the ball on multiple occasions-usually going in the right direction, was happy to play, and paid attention to where the ball was. A tremendous improvement and we were so proud to see him enjoy himself and contribute in a positive way to the team. Matthew and Laurel did well, too. It was a good day.
Tomorrow after church we head to Patti's to celebrate my Mom's birthday and then on Monday POTTY TRAINING begins. Next week is our "break week" for school so I am taking the opportunity to give more attention to Katey and hopefully help her make the big step into being a "big girl." Yes, you'd think with #4 this would be no big deal, but quite frankly I have never figured this whole thing out. They have each been different and with the exception of Matthew (who trained himself) it has been a difficult road each time. I have high hopes and a few concerns about this round. I am going the no "pull-ups" route so pray for me as cleaning dirty undies could possibly rank as my most hated thing to do and I will have to remind myself to be patient! I am sure enough hilarity will occur that at least one post will result...stay tuned.

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