Monday, October 13, 2008

A fun weekend

We enjoyed our weekend. It was Homecoming at MSU so we were busy with activities. We left home at 9:00 am on Saturday morning and got home at 7:00 pm. A long day, but lots of fun. We went to the parade, piano lessons, tent city, and the ballgame. MSU soundly defeated Tennessee Tech so we all enjoyed cheering and watching Racer 1 gallop around the track. I was reminded that I was no longer in Big Orange country as people in the stands cheered a losing score for UT multiple times. Katey decided she enjoyed the bathroom...we made multiple trips. She is doing very well so I can't complain. Yesterday we went to church and small group and spent the evening trying to rest up so we could begin our week. It is going to be a busy week with soccer, school, and packing for a camping trip next weekend. We also have to prepare to say goodbye to our friends, the Crabbs, who will leave for Iowa early next week. We are all really going to miss them and so that part of the next few days will not come easily. Hope everyone has a good week!

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