Monday, September 29, 2008

Camping Events

Here are the highlights. I'll put a slide show of pics together later this week.

The Good:
The kids loved the camping experience. The camping traditions of roasting marshmallows and hot dogs, sleeping in a tent, and playing in the dirt kept them happy all weekend and begging for more. We had fun riding bikes and hiking around the campground. Hillman Ferry got a A- from us with its clean private showers, nice primitive campspots, a playground, and hike and bike trails adjacent to the campground. We found out when we arrived that we were there on the weekend of free admission to LBL attractions. We toured the Elk and Bison Prarie and the Nature Station for free! We stayed three nights and we all lived- all is well.

The Unfortunate:
Apparently there is a disruption in the Monarch migration this year. The LBL guides said that scientists are trying to determine the cause. No monarchs were found on our monarch butterfly tagging tour (nor on the one the day before). Other butterflies were "netted" and the kids had fun anyway.

Matthew tripped while walking in the dark with the flashlight and has a nasty bruise on his chin from his Dad's Maglite.

Several of the roads in the campground are gravel- hard for a little one on her tricycle and a kid with training wheels.

Our neighbors were a family of skunks, and we learned that we prefer raccoons to skunks.

The Bad:
We found our campsite abounding in bees. Katey was stung once and Carter was stung twice (scaring us because we feared a Masto reaction). Going camping miles away from a hospital with an expired epi-pen made me feel like a loser Mom so I am thankful for our answered prayers, benedryl, and a reaction free child!

Wading in the water in the swimming area prompted screaming from Katey. She told us something bit her, when we checked her we found it was a LEECH!!! Yikes! Obviously we waded no more. (Thus the - on the A- rating for the campground).

It was a fun weekend and a great getaway. We still need a bigger tent. Being a close family is something we want the kids to treasure, but sleeping like sardines is not what we have in mind.

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